Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bellydance @ The Peoples Lounge

8-26-09, Live @ The Peoples Lounge, Ambria (myself) & Alicia (my beautiful friend) did a few bellydance routines for the wonderful, Shelita Vaughns and her amazing band. As usual a fantastic crowd was buzzing at this monthly Bourbon Street event on the Lower East Side. We were the special guest treat for the night! We danced to Shelita's songs "Seduction" and "Coffee". Since space was limited, just a half an hour before the gig, I revamped the entire choreography for "Coffee", and as expected my talented friend Alicia picked it up like the pro that she is, and we entertained the crowd with the sensual art of Bellydance. As with any live performance, the song "Seduction" was slightly different than the recording me and Alicia rehearsed to, but we improvised a bit and pulled it off. I must admit, all those years of Indian dance had a purpose.

The show was tons of fun, and the crowd loved us!!! While I am used to singing at the piano @ the Peoples Lounge, this was also a treat for me. It is always fun to express the softer, sensual feminine sides of who we are in dance, especially Bellydance. If you have never done Bellydance before, find a class in your area. Bellydance is a wonderful workout and lots of fun! Thanks Shelita for inviting me back! You & your band sounded great as usual! Thanks Alicia for joining me, it was lots of fun to dance with you. For more pics or future show dates visit: www.ambriaonline or
~Peace & hugs, Ambria

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