Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dosha Workshop @ Bamboomoves

This past Tuesday evening, I was invited to conduct a seminar on Ayurveda/Dosha's. After the success of Loren Slocum's seminar last week @ Bamboomoves, many people signed up for Michael Baez's 21 days to health & fitness challenge. The challenge itself is amazing, it offers participants 21 days of various seminars, classes, colon hydrotherapy, and so much more, at a fraction of the cost!!! Such a wonderful way to introduce healthy living to people in NYC.

I introduced a small group of new Yoga devotees to their Dosha. It was an intimate group and each participant took a small Ayurveda/Dosha quiz to discover which Dosha is specific to each individual. Your dosha helps to uncover your Mind, Body Type, and it is helpful to know this when embarking on Yoga. In India their would be extensive questions and tests to uncover the exact details of your individual physiology, which will result in diet alterations, herbal treatments and amazing oil massage. Here in NYC, I offered the ladies diet tips to balance out their Dosha, signs to see when our Dosha is in balance or out of balance, good & bad foods, good & bad tastes, and specific Ayurveda tips for common troubles and ailments in the body like: cellulite, Menopause, Kidney Stones, Hair Loss, Cold and Flu and much more.

We ate healthy snacks, learned new places and foods to shop for, and had a wonderful fun night. Thanks to Bamboomoves for hosting a lovely event. It was my pleasure to help these beautiful ladies on their journey to better health and wellness. If you or someone you love wants to discover this 5,ooo year old Ayurveda: Science of Life, please visit my website, email me at: or call (914) 619 6891, and we can set up a one on one session. Their are also great books available and Ayurveda Doctors/practitioners that can further help you on your personal journey to better health. Your Body Deserves More! ~Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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