Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yoga and Music for Special Needs

So many children throughout the World are considered "Special Needs". I have had the privilege both as a Teacher and Yoga instructor to work with kids with Autism, CP, ADHD, and Down Syndrome. It is amazing to see the positive reaction of all kids to both Yoga and Music. For some time, I have been working on music for Kids Yoga as a solo project. My inspiration for this project grows every day with the consistent positive feedback from parents and kids to the power of music. Children with Down Syndrome in particular enjoy the rhythms, melodies, and patterns that music provides. The best part about the power of Music/Yoga combination is that Children who may normally keep emotions inside, or display higher levels of frustration immediately feel calm and happy. Many researchers have found that music does have the power to heal and is used as a recognized form of medical therapy. Soon to come will be my own Solo Kids Yoga Music along with original music that I am writing for Yogi Beans. The rhymes and rhythms of music have helped us all learn our ABC's and made the learning process fun. We should never forget this wonderful gift that music has.

Last week, my passion for this project was further solidified when I had a Kids Yoga Session with Zane. I watched in amazement as this four year old, little boy with Down Syndrome sat and listened intently to the music I was singing and playing. He also clapped his hands to the beat with his proud mom helping him along. Music has a power greater than we ever admit. It makes us feel emotions, captures moments, helps us grow, and connects us all, much like love. For anyone who is interested in teaching Yoga to Kids with Special needs, I highly recommend the book: Yoga for the Special Child, By, Sonia Sumar.

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