Friday, August 7, 2009

Karma Road

I am really excited about my newest project that I have been given. I am doing the film score for a brilliant independent film "Karma Road". Most recently the director called me and asked if I could act in a scene for the film with a small part. I happily jumped on board. The scene was overlooking the gorgeous shore of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I had a huge headache most of the day. However, after shooting a series of takes, I was given an amazing neck massage by the lead actress "Manani". It is amazing the energy that is shared with a group of artists in a short time frame. I was happy to return the favor to her towards the end of the day. The cast, crew and everyone involved with this film are all amazing. I am thankful to have worked with such talented young people. Here in the picture (L-R) Manani, Ambria, Alisha, Seema.

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