Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ahimsa - Non Violence

Ahimsa (
अहिंसा) Which is considered to be one the main Yogic Yamas and translates as Nonviolence. This Yama includes refraining from inflicting/causing injury, harm, or pain to any living creature in thought, word, or action at any time. This is such a beautiful principal to approach life and all living creatures with. This Yogic Path/Yama is also an inspiration for many who choose the vegetarian lifestyle. It is also related to many Yogis love and affinity to animals. I know I love animals too much and abstain from eating meat due to that love.

Today, while taking a walk I was approached by some young gentlemen carrying a litter of six adorable, blue eyed, 6 week old, pit bull puppies for sale. These puppies were too cute. I personally never really wanted a pit bull for a pet, but wow these little munchkins looked so huggable! While Pit bulls are usually associated with viciousness, I asked the guys if it is true. They said that it depends on how you raise them. Much like the famous Martin Luther King Jr quote "Violence begets violence", I was reminded of the Yogic Path/Principal of Ahimsa, as I stood there petting the little munchkins while going goo goo gaa gaa over there adorableness. If every person made an effort to adapt this principal of Ahimsa, what a wonderful, peaceful world this would be.

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