Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shed 4 lbs in 4 Yoga Sessions.

Congratulations to my lovely client, Joan. Watching people progress to achieve desired goals is always a highlight of being a teacher. When you are a Yoga Instructor, you have the chance to see a total Mind, Body and Spirit transformation. Not only has Joan shed 4 lbs since doing only 4 yoga sessions with me. She has a radiant glow that only Yoga brings. Her arms are stronger, her tummy is tighter, and she walks with confidence and joy. The best is to witness the improvement in flexibility. When Joan and I began working together, she had noticed the challenge of a foreword fold/bend (Utanasana), but now she is touching her toes. YEAAAAH!!!! Congratulations Joan! You look amazing in your new Yoga clothes and you are making amazing strides in your Yoga Journey. I am so proud to work with you and participate in the deepening of your Yoga Practice! ~Peace & hugs, Ambria

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