Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life's Tune Up's @ Bamboomoves

Last week, I attended an amazing event hosted by Bamboomoves. A Health & Wellness Seminar led by Loren Slocum. Loren is one of the speakers for Tony Robbins. Loren introduced the tremendous turn out of people to wonderful health concerns. She touched upon eating/chewing slow to ensure proper digestion, eating real foods as opposed to processed as often as possible, staying hydrated, and so much more. She touched upon the rise in Type 2 Diabetes in North America, primarily with kids. We need to cut out the sugar, white flours and other nastiness so our kids learn better eating habits. She spoke about grazing, 4 small meals, rather than wait till your starving to eat which may spike your insulin. Loren was truly a breath of fresh air and a wealth of knowledge. It was such a privilege to attend her seminar. Some other tips: Juice your veggies and fruits, try "Juice Plus" gummies for kids (low sugar, high in goodness gummies), Stay hydrated with a good amount of water, and monitor your poop (we need regular bowel movements to keep the colon clean). For more information about Loren visit: You can also find Loren in Fiji conducting the famous, Anthony Robbins workshops. The seminar was wonderful, and the tremendous turn out was as well. It is so great to see people be pro active about their health.

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