Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bamboomoves Yogi of the Month - Milta

The first ever "Yogi of the Month" at Bamboomoves is Milta!!! This lovely young lady has had perfect attendance since the very first class. She is a shining example of enthusiasm, support/kindness to her classmates, and discipline in yoga class. She has done a "one on one" private session, and reminded me how much she loves to do yoga. This amazing young lady is a true star. No matter if we have a class of 4 or a class of 20, Milta is always there to help the other kids and me make class go smooth and peaceful. I am very proud to have Milta as the first "Yogi of the Month" Along with her talents in Yoga, Milta is also a talented student, the recent star of her school play, and an orange belt in Karate. Go Milta!!!!

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