Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dharma Yoga

So, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I worked up the courage to go to the Dharma Yoga Centre here in NYC, only to be delightfully enlightened. While, I have enjoyed classes with Amitai and Marvin because it worked with my schedule, I decided I wanted to take class with Sri Dharma Mittra. The wonderful people of Bamboomoves were kind enough to allow me to have a sub teach the evening class, while I took class with Sri Dharma Mittra himself. Ironically, while I took class at Dharma Mittra, there was a Dharma trained Yoga Instructor covering my class at Bamboomoves. The same day, my old wrist injury pain started to creep up in the worst way, I wrapped it up, and I told myself that it could be psychosomatic.

So it's Wednesday night, after teaching two Yogi Bean classes, I took a cab to the Dharma Yoga Centre. Luckily, as per Adams advice, I had registered the night before, and made it just in time. I quickly changed and noticed the sea of eager (obviously regular yogis) had filled up the carpeted area of the studio, facing the entrance way. This meant that with my sore, wrapped wrist, I would have to lay my mat in the direction facing them, and surrender to my breath. There were maybe four other people in the section I was in.

Class begins, with incredible Sun Salutations, and after what seemed to be 10 sweaty sun salutes, Sri Dharma Says "Let's Race and see who finishes first". Most everyone was damp and feeling it. As I was in plank pose, I peeked up, only to see that this nearly 80 year old Yogi, Sri Dharma, was pretty much done, and he did the salute with full extension of each pose. WOW!

We proceed, into twists, and he adjusts me into a pigeon variation that I haven't done in a year only to realize that sometimes when I teach a lot of beginners, I avoid allowing my body to go to full extension. From then on, I closed my eyes, concentrated on God's love and abundance in my life, surrendered my injured wrist, and my every breath as an offering to deepen my practice and grow closer in faith. IT WAS DEEP! I went into poses that I haven't done in a long time, and maintained closed eyes throughout class. The biggest challenge was the Side Plank on the side where my wrist was injured, but I did my best. Towards the end of class, I placed my legs over my head with ease, peeked my eyes open, and met eyes with Sri Dharma. He nodded his head, which gave me great comfort, and I closed my eyes and focused on my breath again. It was so profound to be a student in this class. Twice he adjusted me deeper into poses. Thankfully, we did not do headstand (which is a pose I need to work on), however, being in Shoulder Stand for as long as we were, FELT GREAT!

I had the best Savasana experience I have had in years. I saw Chakra related lights, felt tremendous love, and my wrist no longer hurt as it did all day, so I experienced a healing. I left class feeling light and free, knowing that any areas of my life that I needed to find forgiveness were made pure. I knew that this was the Spiritual experience I was yearning for. I decided to stay for the Psychic Development Course after the Yoga class, which was so wonderful!

While many yoga centers in NYC offer a great workout, with asana focused practice, and former dancers/performers as teachers (myself included), my spiritual upbringing longed for this experience. With every possible excuse not to go (the fact that I had to teach a yoga class, my sore wrist, my need to improve my headstand, and the fact that I had my mat facing the entire class), I am so thrilled I left my ego at the door and experienced a deepening of my yoga practice. I recommend everyone take a class at the center with Sri Dharma Mittra. The experience was truly life changing, so much so that I actually submitted my application for 500Hr teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra the next day. Regardless, if I get accepted into the teacher training or not, this Yogi Guru has inspired my yoga practice tremendously, and words cannot express my gratitude for being able to take part in yoga class led by Sri Dharma Mittra. ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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