Friday, March 19, 2010

Yoga-laties @ Bamboomoves

This Wednesday night Yoga-laties was flooding with mats, as the folks piled in to the studio, again we had nearly 20 participants. We did our half an hour of intense Yoga Flow, and went into some core related exercises. People became drenched with sweat, very vocal with moans and groans, rolled their eyes when I reminded them that we are not done, and laughed as I invited them to smile during the repeated abdominal exercises. These gorgeous people keep coming back for more, and I predict that we will have to have more than one regular class a week! We had a new music play list that was both inspirational and fun. It is so great that the people of Bamboomoves, Pellham Bay are eager to be healthy and fit. Despite the intensity of the workout, every participant is encouraged to go to their bodies limit and enjoy the process. Thank you Bamboo for reminding me why I love you guys!

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