Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rockstar Yogini - Carissa

A while back, I had posted a Rock Star Yogini post highlighting the efforts of a lovely Yogini who subbed my PreNatal class, Jessie. This post is to honor and recognize another Rock Star Yogini, Carissa. As a Yoga Instructor, I understand how we give our Mind, Body & Spirit to every breath of our classes in order to have our students feel the utmost benefits of the practice. It is so important when we uplift, appreciate, and shine light on the generous contributions to the yoga community by our instructors. Bamboomoves in Pelham Bay, BX is a fantastic growing Yoga community and I am thrilled to be part of it. Miss Carissa is not only a manager at the studio, she teaches both Yoga and Zumba. Her bright smile and kind heart are a joy to everyone. I want to recognize her especially, because, for a short time, she has been taking my Level 1 class, inspiring all the other students with her fluid practice, and towards the end of class she shares a "Oneness Blessing" As Carissa's schedule is very busy at the studio, the students in this class have been very spoiled with this amazing pre Savasana treat. Carissa has done the "Oneness" training along with Michael Baez (Owner of Bamboo), and she has so graciously shared this lovely gift with the students at the end of my classes. Along with Carissa's shinning contributions to the Yoga community, she is also a gifted Actress. Thank you Carissa for sharing your heart and your gifts. We love you! ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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