Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coconut Water- Health and Beauty Benefits

Many Yogis, Vegans and vegetarians enjoy the health benefits of coconuts. We are nuts for coconuts. To list a few benefits (low carb, low sugar, 99% fat free). Along with that, coconut water contains organic compounds that help to keep the body cool, raise metabolism, promote weight loss, detoxify & fight viruses, improve immune system, cleanse digestive tract, control diabetes, and it is high in potassium. For me personally, on many trips to India, I have bathed by taste buds in the heavenly juice straight from a freshly picked coconut, and there is nothing more refreshing on a hot day! In India, they chop the top, pop a straw in, and you sip the most cool, sweet, refreshing water ever! And no preservatives or added sugar, corn syrup and all the other nastiness that most beverages have! While you may not be in a tropical country that allows fresh coconut water, there are some companies that are working to making it into a commercial beverage. It is also wonderful for those of you (like myself) with Pitta in your Ayurveda constitution.

Beyond the coconut water, organic coconut oil is the traditional hair/scalp oil treatment of most Indian Girls (the reason for the thick lustrous black locks), it is a fantastic facial/body moisturizer, and does wonders for baking and light sauteing of foods. Most moisturizers today promise anti aging, and moisture, while alcohol which is known for drying tendencies is a primary ingredient. Stop being a slave to celebrity endorsed marketing campaigns, save yourself tons on these tiny tubes/tubs of empty promises, that wind up costing more because of packaging, and head to the grocery store to pick up some organic coconut oil. Soon you too will be coco for coconuts! It is loaded with nutrients, omegas, and moisture to keep your skin smooth and youthful. But make sure to get the Organic one, so it doesn't smell too strong.

Pictured: Myself and my daddy enjoying refreshing coconut water in Perumthuru, Kerala, India

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