Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yogini Kitchen - Yummy Kale

Eat Your Greens Workshop is coming up, Saturday April 1oth, 6pm at Bamboomoves. The workshop promises to provide insight on the foods that we eat, Ayurveda (the yogic science of life) approaches to nutrition and wellness, and helpful insights to avoid some nasty growing health concerns (like cancer, diabetes, etc) with diet. Cooking and discovering new things to create with food is a favorite thing for me to do, probably because I love to eat. While I am vegetarian, it is important that I get the best source of nutrients to replenish my body after hours of yoga. One of my favorite veggies is Kale. Kale is high in Vitamin K, beta carotene, vitamin A & D, lutein, and rich in calcium. While I usually do a light steaming of my Kale, with a sprinkle of Bragg's Amino Acids (Vegan Soy Sauce), Nutritional Yeast, and Hemp Seeds....recently I came across a Kale/Banana Burrito. Just take a leaf of Dino Kale and wrap it around a Banana! The taste contrast is AMAZING!!! It is a easy to make, great, silly, healthy snack for people who want to get their best of Greens, and some sweet potassium from Bananas. Eat Your Greens!

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