Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yogi Friendly Mani Pedi

While on my 30 day fast, I was to avoid using most beauty products as the chemicals absorbed into the skin. For some time I have been aware of the parabens and other dangerous chemicals in shampoos etc, but did not realize that nail polish was the same. With the summer months are approaching, so comes flip flop season, aka, mani pedi time ladies. It is safe to say, a good majority of people who practice yoga embrace a healthy lifestyle, with a regular yoga practice, healthy eating habits, and even avoidance of harsh chemicals in household and beauty products. As I spend much of my time, reading recipe books and health books related to Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and other diets in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both myself and students, I came across some information regarding the much beloved Mani Pedi. Research has shown that most of the toxic chemicals found in popular nail polishes in North America, are in fact banned in Europe and other parts of the world. These toxic chemicals are said to be cancer causing. Just by entering a nail salon, it is easy to smell the toxic chemicals in the air, but are we aware that these chemicals found in many beauty products are getting absorbed into not only our lungs, but our skin. Some yogis avoid nail polish because they say it blocks our energy. While that may be true, for some of us, we enjoy a little polish on our toes. This Saturday I happily modeled my non toxic mani pedi to the class. With most major salon brands like Essie & OPI charging close to $7 a bottle, I came across this great Brand called NoMiss for $7.49 at Whole Foods. The actual polish itself comes in an array of gorgeous colors, doesn't chip fast, has good shine, no smell, and most importantly no toxic chemicals!!! Hooray for the Yogi friendly mani pedi!!!

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