Sunday, March 28, 2010

Root Chakra Workshop @ Bamboomoves

Every month at Bamboomoves, I have the honor of guiding people towards deeper understanding of the subtle body and the chakra system. Our chakras expand our yoga practice and bring us closer to enlightenment. The other night a wonderful group of gorgeous ladies gathered together and explored the Root Chakra with me at Bamboomoves. The energy of the evening was phenomenal! We were delighted to have the brilliant Tabla playing of Tripp Dudley. The drums is the instrument related to the root chakra, and the rythms that Tripp played echoed vibrations in every person. We did asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), dhyana (meditation) and chanting. There was discussion and explanation about the chakra & chakra system. The turn out of people for the workshop was wonderful. Our circular, (chakra like) positioning of our mats keeps getting bigger and bigger, and based on the feedback from the participants our monthly workshops will continue to grow. Every person had a special experience that some of them chose to share such as visions, warmth, liberation, acceptance and more. Many of the ladies felt a collective energy of woman power. The root chakra is related to grounding to the earth, accepting support, finding focus & balance in life, and initiating the awakening serpent of kundalini rising. Special thanks to Carissa for sharing the glorious "oneness blessing" at the end of the workshop! We concluded our workshop and enjoyed delicious VEGAN RED VELVET CAKE (red being the related color to the root chakra), along with yummy vegan coconut ice cream that was brought by Michelle (thank you Michelle). Every person that came to the event contributed to the positive energy that we all left with, and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the lovely participants! As always, working with you, deepens my practice.

Every month we will continue to explore each chakra, resonating at higher vibrations with live music, asana, meditation, breathing exercises and something yummy! If you are interested in participating call Bamboomoves BX to reserve a spot for you & your friends: 347 281 9700

Early registration is $35, the day of is $45 and if you sign up for the package (series of all the chakra workshops) you get one workshop free!


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